Agenda and news

Summer workshops 2018

11 July we will finsh off this season with workshops in Heemstde and Houten.

Houten : 9.00- 12.30 uur. We will work with the vyayama's ( warm ups, squats and preludes ) and some sitting postures from the Angahara 1 sequence.

After the class there will be breakfast and a talk with Maaike Kooistra about compassion.

Costs € 45,-.

Heemstede: 19.00- 21.00 hrs. Nicolet will teach the group ther basic principles of the Shadow yoga and we will practise the warm ups, squats , bits from the prelude and some handmudra's.

Costs €30,- including a tea or two after class in the cafe next door the location.

Start new season

Monday 3 sept in Heemstde and thusday 4 sept in Houten . All classes,times and location stay the same.